Note: * first time played; ^ cover; ~ last minute tease/cover

602 Brewing Company, Bastrop, TX 6/29/2024

Set 1: Ellis Decaf, Today^, Chicane, Runk, Para Madre

Set 2: Wildfire, Far Off Thoughts, All Days > Drums > Everyone's Dumb, Jet Airliner^

Set 3: Rumpitah*, Mutemall

Encore: Home Screen, Reptilia^, Over The Hump, Friends in Low Places^

(Covers in order: Smashing Pumpkins, Steve Miller Band, The Strokes, Garth Brooks)

Show notes: "Bemyself" by Parcels tease in All Days, "Kielbasa" by Tenacious D tease in Over The Hump

Revelry Kitchen + Bar, Austin, TX 6/8/2024

Set 1: All Days, Lurkin > Time^ > Everyone's Dumb, Ellis Decaf, Dammit^

Set 2: Over the Hump, Wildfire > Drum Solo > Basket Case^, Para Madre, Mutemall > Home Screen~ 

(Covers in order: Pink Floyd, Blink 182, Green Day)

Show notes: ~ HS had Runk & Possum (Phish) teases, and also included a Coors Light themed improv jam

Empire Control Room, Austin, TX 5/25/2024

Mutèmall > Far off thoughts > Limelight^, All days > Time Square*^~ > Ellis Decaf > All days, Friends in low places^

(Covers in order: Rush, Disco Biscuits, Garth Brooks)

The ABGB, Austin, TX 5/11/2024

Set 1: Jam > Home Screen, Para Madre, Jet Airliner^*, Wildfire*

Set 2: Lurkin off > Kielbasa^*~ > Chicane, Over The Hump> Robot stop^*~ > Tribulations^ > Ellis Decaf

(Covers in order: Steve Miller Band, Tenacious D, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, LCD Soundsystem)

Pecan Street Fest, Austin, TX 5/5/2024

Far Off Thoughts, Runk, Mutemall > Reptilia^, All Days, Everyone’s Dubm

(Cover: The Strokes)

Far Out Lounge, Austin, TX 3/20/2024

Homescreen, Everyone’s Dumb, Para Madre, Today^, All Days, Mutemall

(Cover: Smashing Pumpkins)

Far Out Lounge, Austin, TX 3/7/2024

Far Off Thoughts, Lurkin’ Off* > Tribulations*^, Fock Your Runk*

(Cover: LCD Soundsystem)

New Year's Eve at ABGB, Austin, TX 12/31/2023

Set 1: Ellis Decaf, All Days, Homescreen > Consciousness > Homescreen, Para Madre, Chicane

Set 2 (90s set): Today (Smashing Pumpkins), Wannabe (Spice Girls), Lithium (Nirvana), Basket Case (Green Day), All Star (Smash Mouth), Losing My Religion (R.E.M.), Give It Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Dammit (Blink 182), Enter Sandman (Metallica), Everybody (Backstreet Boys), How Bizarre (O.M.C.), Countdown: Praise You (Fatboy Slim)

Rancho Relaxo, Dale, TX 10/21/2023 (Support for Eminence Ensemble)

Para Madre, Everyone’s Dubm, Homescreen, Far Off > Drums > Cyclone*^> Far Off Candy Corn*, Mutemall > Reptilia^, All Days

(Covers in order: Disco Biscuits, The Strokes)

Far Out Lounge, Austin, TX 9/21/2023

Over the Hump Mutemall > Limelight^, Homescreen > Consciousness > Homescreen, All Days > Tricycle^, Far Off Thoughts, Everyone’s Dubm, Friends in Low Places^*

(Covers in order: Rush, Disco Biscuits, Garth Brooks)

Coral Snake, Austin, TX 8/13/2023

Jam > Chicane Mutemall > Reptilia^, Homescreen > Consciousness > Homescreen, 17 Years^, Far Off Thoughts > Drum solo > Far Off Thoughts, Ellis Decaf

(Covers in order: The Strokes, Ratatat)

ABGB, Austin, TX 7/21/2023

Time*^ > Everyone's Dubm, Para Madre, Homescreen*> Consciousness*> Homescreen, All Days > Tricycle*^ > All Days, In The Kitchen*^ > Drums > ITK*^, Mutemall > Over The Hump, Chicane*, Ellis Decaf, Limelight*^

(Covers in order: Pink Floyd, Disco Biscuits, Umphrey's McGee, Rush)

Far Out Lounge, Austin, Texas 5/18/2023

Everyone's Dumb, Far Off Thoughts, All Days, Reptilia > Mutemall, In The Kitchen*^, Para Madre > Over the Hump > Time*^, Ellis Decaf

(Covers in order: Umphrey's McGee, Pink Floyd)