About the Band

Formed in 2022 in the live music capital of the world, Austin Texas, My NextDoor Neighbor (MNN) explores the limitless sounds of Progressive Rock, Jam, and Electronica, bringing a uniquely individual experience to each live performance. Supported by a full lighting production, MNN creates a truly immersive experience that will bend your visual and auditory senses. 

MNN formed when John (guitar & vocals) and Paul (guitar, keys, and vocals) joined up from their former projects, Koodookoo and Lunar Eclectic. Next were the additions of Joe (drums), Jenn (bass) and finally Erik (lighting design) to complete the lineup. With their roots deeply entrenched in the vibrant music scene of Austin, MNN draws inspiration from the eclectic energy of the city, infusing their music with a variety of influences ranging from psychedelic rock to modern electronic dance music.

Each member brings a distinct musical perspective, seamlessly weaving intricate rhythms, soaring melodies, and experimental soundscapes. From intimate club gigs to festival main stages, MNN captivates audiences with their dynamic stage presence and fearless improvisational exploration, inviting listeners on a journey through the boundaries of musical expression.

Come get lost in your new favorite neighborhood with My NextDoor Neighbor!

My NextDoor Neighbor
Jenn Boyer - Bass, Vocals
John Leipheimer - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Loiodice - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Joe Ponder - Drums, Vocals
Erik Dolliver - Lighting Designer
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John Leipheimer

Lead guitar & vocals

Paul Loiodice

Guitar, keys, & vocals

Jenn Boyer

Bass, vocals

Joe Ponder

Drums, vocals

Erik Dolliver

Lighting Designer