I can’t believe it things are deceiving
Following blindly why don’t you try me
This is the reason we live for treason
Keeping our distance show no resistance

Fine fine fine I’ll be

Even our makers still have no takers
Once in a while, go out of style
Retracing foot prints out in the pasture
Leading our feet to certain disaster

I * can be  * who you *can be
I * will be *who you * will be
Never leave your complex
Bury down the hidden context
Race across the nation
I can feel the anticipation

With no direction maps lose their meaning
Plotting a journey with constant screaming
Quietly waiting with full potential
Unleashed on the world, I’m detrimental
I can’t believe it ! What is the meaning ,
all of these people can be deceiving
Willingly going where no one is showing
you what you wanted, they can’t be trusted

Keep us alive, and survive what we have done
Now is the time to revise our martyrdom
Eyes on the prize recognize our fate
Stay in line with all we resonate

The light beyond the sign shines
The sight beyond your mind defines
The line beside the test of time
Perhaps the whole damn world is (blind)mine